Product Info EC 120

The stand-alone controller for harsh conditions with an integrated printer.


The mobile solution for registering, processing and printing the wheel loads, axle loads, subtotal and total weights of vehicles.

EC 120 Processing Unit

Description: Processing unit for static and dynamic wheel load scales
Application: For storing, processing and printing of wheel and axle loads, sub totals as well as total weights of vehicles.
Weight: 5.4 kg (with power supply)
Waterproof: IP 67 (case closed)
Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
Operating Time: 60 h (Charge time 2 h)
Power Supply: 12V – 24V
Display: True sunlight readable monochrome LCD with 320 ⋅ 240 pixels.
Connecivity: -Radio and cable plugs to connect scales over HAENNI Network Protocol (HNP).
Printer: Simple protocol definition with templates.

Additional Information

Data sheet EC120 / HAENNI Brochure

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Haenni Processing Unit EC-120

The processing unit EC 120 is light, compact, waterproof and very robust. With wireless connection option and with an unbeatable battery life, it replaces the laptop and printer, being the perfect tool to be used anywhere, at any time.

Interface cable or wireless.
Compatible with WL 104, WL 108, and WL 400.
True sunlight readable monochrome LCD with 320x240 pixels.
Printout layout is totally customizable.

EC120 Dimensions